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    The Jersey 12 Days of Christmas giveaway

      Dear readers, Christmas is almost upon us and therefore it is that time of year when I can promote my little children’s picture book called The Jersey 12 Days of Christmas. I am giving away a free copy to Jersey residents only. All you have to do is comment below and wish me Happy Christmas in Jersey French or Jerriais! 🙂 Colouring in is very fashionable at the moment and very meditative, so why not escape the mad Christmas shopping season with a bit of theraputic colouring in. Go to this post for all the printables and a clue to the giveaway answer: http://ramonadavey.com/?p=535 Should you already have the paperback…

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    #illo52weeks – November’s illustrations

    Wow! One month to go till the end of the year. How fast did that go? I nearly didn’t participate this year but I am so glad I persevered. Here are November’s illustrations: Week 44: Scandinavian Funnily enough my Christmas decorations have a Scandinavian theme this year.   Week 45: Peace Peace is much needed at the moment as the house is filled with builders all working hard on the second stage of our house renovations. Week 46: Endangered One of many animals that need to be protected.   Week 47: Play I love this time of year as it gives me lots of excuses to play at dress ups.…

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    #illo52weeks – Week 44: Yarn

    Each week I have no idea what kind of illustration I am going to do – each result is a total surprise to me. I thought yarn was going to be impossible and then an idea came from out of nowhere, like they do with my writing. Here is this weeks theme: Week: 44 Yarn My house moving is complete and I am slowly finding all my art resources again. With this illustration I started off with a quick pencil sketch. I turned it around and looked at its reflection in the mirror (to check it wasn’t a wonky tree). Then I painted the illustration using watercolours and outlined it in Artline…

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    Reading to an audience

    It s the last day of the school term and I had the opportunity this morning to read my book The Jersey 12 Days Of Christmas to my daughter’s class of year 2 children. What great fun!   I had intended to read the words but being in rhyme I found myself singing the whole book. Apparently, I didn’t sound too bad but in my mind I could hear my voice getting more and more high pitched. Behind me is my daughter Ruby, who doubles up as my assistant and editor. As I read the paperback version, she demonstrated how to use the ebook version on an ipad which included…

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    On the twelfth day of Christmas

    Well here we are, with only a week to go till Christmas Eve and the last in my series of printables to colour in for my book The Jersey 12 days Of Christmas: click this link for the final illustration: On the twelfth day of Christmas     The pumpkin page is one of my favourites in the ebook for ipad version of  The Jersey 12 Days Of Christmas. Each pumpkin has it’s own sound as you or your child taps it, lots of fun! Here is a screenshot of the page in the ebook:     Here are all the other pages just incase you missed some: On the…

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    On the eleventh day of Christmas

    There are now only two weeks left till Christmas Eve – how are your preparations going? To keep your little ones busy here is the next printable for them to colour in: On the eleventh day of Christmas   Jersey lilies are a pretty pink flower that can be found all around the island, especially during September and October. (Text from the Glossary section at the back of the book). Come back next week to print out the complete set! 🙂  

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    on the tenth day of christmas

    We are on the countdown for Christmas with only 3 weeks to go till Christmas Eve! So here is the next printable for my book The Jersey 12 Days Of Christnas for you to colour in: On the tenth day of Christmas     What’s a Jersey Wonder I hear you ask? The closest thing I can say they are similar to is a doughnut, but not covered in sugar of filled with jam. They are delicious! ‘It was once believed that if you cooked Wonders when the tide was coming in, the cooking fat would over flow the pan.’ (Text from the Glossary section at the back of my…

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    On the ninth day of christmas printable

    There are 4 more weeks till Christmas Eve! Twas the night before Xmas And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Not even a mouse… and that’s because they were all busy quietly colouring in The Jersey 12 Days Of Christmas printable sheets. 🙂   Here is the next one: On the ninth day of Christmas A very tasty dish made from beans and pork. It warms your tummy on a winter’s day. (Text from my children’s book The Jersey 12 days Of Christmas available here: My Books)   It is a family tradition to always have a cup of hot bean crock and a slice of buttered…

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    On the eighth day of Christmas printable

    There are 5 more weeks until Christmas. I love Christmas! Here is the next printable to go with your homemade colouring book The Jersey 12 Days Of Christmas: On the eighth day of Christmas   Fact from book: The congor eel has scaleless skin, a strong jaw and sharp teeth. They like to live in rocky places or shipwrecks. To find out how to make Congor Eel Soup or La Soupe D’Andgulle read Tony’s Musings Blog here: Congor Eel Soup Recipe.    

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    On the fifth day of Christmas printable

    Did you know there are ony 8 weeks left until Christmas? Have you printed off and coloured in all the previous pages to your own home-made booklet of The Jersey 12 Days Of Christmas yet? If so, well done! Here is the next illustration for you to colour in: On the fifth day of Christmas   Yummy langoustines – they look like large prawns but are infact small lobsters! Click on the following links for the previous pages: On the fourth day of Christmas On the third day of Christmas On the second day of Christmas On the first day of Christmas   You can buy a copy of my book…