ReviMo – Day 5, 6 & 7

ReviMo 2014

Ok, so the end of ReviMo 2014 has arrived. How did you do? I didn’t do too badly. I admit that I didn’t quite get around to revising 7 manuscripts but I did manage 5 and that is the important part – that some of my picture book manuscripts did get a good looking over and a bit of sprucing. If I hadn’t have entered this writing challenge at all, I would have achieved nothing, so 5/7 to me is a bonus.

Day 5 Revisions

  • This manuscript was another idea from my stay in Dunedin, New Zealand. It will hopefully be a historical fiction picture book (my favourite type to read and write)
  • I looked at my notes and brief story outline and filled in the gaps
  • I decided that I was trying to fit in too much of the main character’s life and therefore needed to focus on one main aspect – bingo – it suddenly came to me – as it often does – focus on the news of the Titanic sinking – this leads to what my main character decides to do next and the rest is history as they say!
  • I have to try and avoid it being too sad a story as drownings are part of the historical content, but there is a good ending and sense of achievement at the end!

I never managed to get around to revise for days 6 and 7, but I enjoyed the challenge never-the-less. I am further with my work than I was a week ago – how great is that!

During the challenge there was some great interviews and advice each day from the following:

Deborah Underwood

Miranda Paul

Ame Dykeman

Shirley Smith Duke

Jim Averbeck

Lindsay Barrette George

Simone Kaplan



ReviMo – Day 3 and 4

Phew! The days are whizzing by! I am busy with kids on their holidays, a birthday boy, joining in #illo52weeks and ReviMo – so yesterday even though I participated in Day 3 of ReviMo, I didn’t get time write a post about it. So I am doing 2 in one today.

Day 3 Revisions

  • I revisited a relatively new manuscript which was begun during last years PiBoIdMo 2013 writing challenge
  • This story came about because of a few nick nacks I found whilst on one of my weekly walks (there is a lot of sitting down with writing and illustrating)
  • It has been critiqued once, and rewritten twice. Yesterday was the third time I rewrote the beginning and therefore changed the rest to make it flow to the end.
  • it’s starting to feel more solid and believable as a story
  • word count: 499 🙂

Day 4 Revisions

  • Today I revisited a new favourite, written in the depths of a sustainable farm in Dunedin, New Zealand whilst staying with family.
  • It’s a sentimental story of family, growth, sustaining resources, new life ad a good life!
  • wrd count: 481

These challenges have made me look at and work on manuscripts that otherwise would be left alone until the kids were back at school.

I look forward to my critique group’s feedback! 🙂

ReviMo – Day 2

Yes, I know I am writing two posts on the same day but international times always confuse me as does daylight savings. This causes huge problems when I enter USA writing challenges online.

As a teenager in Jersey, Channel Islands, every year I would go to my Saturday job an hour too early or an hour too late when the clocks went back and forward. It is something I will never beat!

Anyway, today is day 2 for ReviMo and you can read Meg Miller’s latest post with Miranda Paul  here: ReviMo day 2 – Interview with Miranda Paul

Day 2 revisions:

  • I revisited an old picture book manuscript started in November 2011 (yes I know that is over 2 years ago)
  • I went back through it using Review/Track Changes on word
  • I then created an A5 dummy version of it to see how the text flows and how effective the page turns are
  • word count: 427 (much better compared to yesterdays 700)
  • it has a Librarian theme – therefore I have quite a huge target market – town libraries, school libraries, preschool book corners (much different to yesterdays manuscript again)

Now just need to get my critique group to read it as they haven’t seen it for a while and they may be able to see it with fresh eyes too!


ReviMo – Revise More Picture Books Week – Day 1

A new year comes with new challenges.

I have already mentioned how I have started a new illustration challenge here:

52 week illustration challenge

My next challenge is by Meg Miller:

ReviMo – Revise More Picture Books Week – from January 12-18, 2014. 



So today I sat down and looked back at an oldie but a goodie. I like to look at manuscripts that have been put to the side for a while as it helps me look back at them with fresh eyes. This particular manuscript was started in May 2012 and was received well by my critique group but it is a hard sell to publishers.

  • It is around 700 words (which is deemed as too long for picture books nowadays)
  • It is historical fiction (which I love and want to write more of for the younger age)
  • It is a sequence of letters back and forth between a 6 year old girl and her father in 1929
  • it possibly has a niche or small target market (Jersey folk – as in Old Jersey – and Australians)

It may be that I will have to self-publish it one day or it may really appeal to a publisher from a traditional house – who know’s in this tricky world of books.

It was good to go over it again and get it closer to the submitting stage which is what ReviMo is all about!