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    Children’s drawings

    I have recently been trying to anthromorphise my drawings. I find it difficult.  Maybe I am trying too hard. I watch my 8 year old son who seems to manage it with such ease (but then I think he practises much more than I do and maybe that’s the moral of this story). I just love the expression on the shark’s face, the little piggy looks stunned and the crocodile has no idea what’s behind her!

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    Once the last of my Christmas visitors have left I will be able to get down and back into my writing and drawing. Polishing, revising and rewriting manuscripts. Some I have recently received back from professional editors and manuscript assessors, and now have lots to read and think about. Once I feel my many stories are up to scratch they will be submitted to a variety of competitions, publishing houses and critique groups. Here are some things you might like to participate in: Manuscript Monday with Pan Macmillan Australia January Contest with QueryTracker.net blog Children’s & Young Adult Writers and Illustrator’s Contest with CYA Conference Frustrated Writers 2012 with the The Children’s…