Practising penguins

Pepik The Little Blue Penguin (AKA Fairy Penguin)

The name Pepik came from the label of a red wine. Pepik means Joseph (in Czechoslavakia). My son is called Joseph, so the name means something to me.

I am trying to simplify my illustrations. I am also trying to demonstrate more character which I find very hard to do. It still needs a little work, but I am pleased with it so far.

Quick sketch – Seagull hovering

Here is just a quick sketch of a seagull. This is not a subject I have much practise drawing and getting a sense of movement is quite difficult. This is in preparation for one of my books I am getting ready for the Christmas Season. I have used the airbrush for the colour of the bird, inkpen for the outline and paint pot to fill in the background on my Bamboo pad using Art Rage Studio Pro

Getting the hang of Art Rage

I have been playing around with the art package Art Rage on my Bamboo tablet for a little while and am slowly getting the hang of it. In the images below I have shown 2 different stages for a character I have been starting to explore.

The Little Limpet - stage 1

This is the half way through stage. I used airbrush for the coloured areas and chalk for the outline. I have not used these 2 mediums before (not digitally anyway).

The Little Limpet - stage 2

I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to make the subject not too life like which is generally the style of my artwork. For the first go I am pretty pleased with it, of course there is always room for improvement. My next challenge is backgrounds!

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