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Hi, my name is Ramona and I am a trained primary teacher with a BA in Art. I am also an aspiring children’s author.

This blog is about my dream and my journey to be a popular author with many books enjoyed by children all around the world.

I am a  member of SCBWI-Australia & New Zealand


I belong to Picture This & That Critique Group – an essential ingredient to help develop and strengthen your writing skills!

You can find me on:

Facebook – Ramona Davey – writing and drawing

Twitter – RamonaofJersey

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8 thoughts on “About me

  1. thanks for the highlight. You might also know some of my other books,Bootsie Barker Bites, Wallace’s Lists, both award-winners. website is barbarabottnerbooks.com
    Peggy Rathmann, Lane Smith, Laura Numeroff, Bruce Degen, Robin Preiss Glasser, were all students of mine.

    1. You are very welcome Barbara. My daughter (aged 6) and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I don’t) last night. My daughter’s only criticism was that it was too short! In other words she wanted the story to go on and on. The best kind of criticism you can get I reckon!

  2. Congratulations Ramona,
    You’ve won the free picture book assessment by me as part of the A New Friend for Marmalade blog competition.
    If you send me your picture book at alrey@msn.com.au, I’ll get onto it as soon as I can.
    Thank you so much for taking part in the tour.
    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Ramona
    I love your site and work and hope all projects are progressing well.
    Thanks for trying to contact me via Twitter – but I don’t use TrueTwit, so I’ve not opened it. But I do hope we can keep in touch and that our paths will cross.
    Will you be at the SCBWI Conference in Sydney?
    All best wishes from Brisbane

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for popping by. Yes, I will be at SCBWIAusNZ this year. I look forward to seeing you there! 🙂

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