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World Poetry Day

I follow the blog ALPHABET SOUP and today they announced the following:

‘In 1999, the United Nations declared March 21st as World Poetry Day. That’s today!’

As an aspiring writer some of my manuscripts are in prose but some seem to fall into place in rhyme.

Last year one of my rhyming manuscripts came first in the preschool category for the CYA Competition. In a world where rhyming manuscripts can be seen as not too commercially appealing by publishers (due to problems translating the text to other languages which may not work out as well), the win was a great feeling. It meant that my ability to rhyme wasn’t too bad.

You can read about the win here: CYA Conference 2014

Here is a poem I wrote about my birth place.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 8.46.59 am

Happy World Poetry Day!

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