#illo52weeks – Week 10: Night

We are often encouraged to create art in the style of a particular artist. I did this at college. I know that children do this in school with artists such as Van Gogh, Matisse or Miro. It is a good way to learn.

I love Chris Haughton’s illustration for Shh! We have A Plan. I tried to create an illustration in the style of his work but I do not have access to digital art software at the moment. So I tried to get hold of coloured acetate sheets. No luck. The nearest I got was celophane paper.

photo 2It kind of worked but reflected the light too much and ruined the look.

photo 1So I played around with the edit options.

photo 3I created another scene and played around with the edit options again.

Week 10: Night
Week 10: Night

I didn’t quite create what I had in mind but I do like the overlapping effect of see-through materials. I will try again some other time.

This week’s theme is GREEN. I wonder what I will come up with?


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