#illo52weeks – Week 1: Fairytale

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when you are up for new challenges. I cannot believe how quickly last years illustration challnge founded by Tania McCartney went. And I still cannot believe I am going to join up again! Will I have the time? The energy? The inspiration? I hope so and I will try my hardest to participate each week no matter how busy or uninspired I may find myself.

I will submit an illustration each week no matter how I feel about it. And we can be our own worse enemies where judging our own work is concerned.

So here is the first illustration of this years 52 Week Illustration Challenge for 2015 is:

Week 1: Fairytale (copic markers & coloured pencils)
Week 1: Fairytale (copic markers & coloured pencils)

Drawing anthropomorphic characters is incredibly difficult for me. I want to develop my skill in this area, to simplify my drawing and be consistent in style.

This week I am also participating in ReviMo2015 founded by Meg Miller – this challenge encourages you to revise a manuscript for each day (if possible) from the 11th January to 17th January.

So far I have managed to complete day 1 and tonight I will meet up with my critique group to see what they think of my revisions!

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