#illo52weeks – Weeks 45 & 46

Week 45: Leaves

My daughter was playing around on ‘,’ so I thought I would have a go as I am always happy to try out new mediums.

Here is my attempt at ‘Leaves.’ I had the story Jack And The Beanstalk in mind when I created this image:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 2.21.03 pmThere has been a great trend for digital collage style illustrations in picture books in the past ten years. I am a fan of that style and love playing with patterned backgrounds. For example the Charlie and Lola books by Lauren Child, by David Mackintosh’s books, eg: Marshall Armstrong Is New To Our School and the wonderful illustrations by Liz Anelli.

Week 46: Circus

This is a great them and so many ideas could have been created. Sometimes just choosing the one idea can be a challenge in itself. I recalled that the collective noun for puffins was circus, so that was the basis of the idea for this weeks them, A Circus Of Puffins.

Here is the initial sketch which part of me prefers as I am always hesitant to add colour incase I ruin the image:

Week 46- sketch for Circus


And here is the coloured version in pencil crayon which is not 100% satisfactory but that’s because I ran out of time and am trying not to be too precious with my illustrations during this challenge. My focus is provide an illustration within the deadline rather than finish a polished artwork each week. Week 46- Circus

Now to the next theme: New York!


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