#illo52weeks – Week 44: Yarn

Each week I have no idea what kind of illustration I am going to do – each result is a total surprise to me. I thought yarn was going to be impossible and then an idea came from out of nowhere, like they do with my writing.

Here is this weeks theme:

Week: 44 Yarn

Week 44: Yarn

My house moving is complete and I am slowly finding all my art resources again. With this illustration I started off with a quick pencil sketch. I turned it around and looked at its reflection in the mirror (to check it wasn’t a wonky tree). Then I painted the illustration using watercolours and outlined it in Artline fine liner pen.

It’s November and signs of Christmas are springing up in the music being played in shops (already) and I attended my first Christmas function of the year. See photo below:

CBCA Christmas Dinner

I’m in the stripy dress with my fabulous friends from the writers group I belong to. Being a homemum means I have no staff doo to go to for Christmas, so I love writerly functions as a time for me to be able to socialise and get away from writing and drawing which can be a very solitary occupation. We are at this years Northern Sydney’s CBCA Xmas Dinner, where inspiring authors and illustrators like Peter Carnavas sang to us on his ukelele and Wendy Blaxland shared with us her journey for her newly launched picture book, The Christmas Rose.


And if I’m mentioning Christmas that means we are near the end of the year and near the end of the brilliant 52 Week Illustration Challenge that Tania McCartney founded  and that without it I wouldn’t have created half the amount of illustrations that I have achieved.

This weeks theme is: Leaves 🙂


PS: If you are thinking of Christmas present, than maybe my little Christmas themed picture book is the perfect gift for someone you know. The Jersey 12 Days Of Christmas

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