#illo52weeks – Weeks 40, 41, 42 & 43

Week 40: Abstract

My aunty told me about how my father had illustrated his family using abstract block shapes. The illustration used to sit on the mantel place. She doesn’t know what happened to it and I never found it amongst his things when he passed this year. So I thought I would like to try and recreate something similar and here it is;

Week 40: Abstract


Coloured pastels on a piece of cardboard.


Week 41: Black & White

I couldn’t decide between a zebra or a panda, then I copped out and thought a panda would be easier!

Week 41

Pastels and charcoal on black card.

Week 42: Under the sea

What you see above the water may not be what’s ‘under the sea!’

Week 42- Under The Sea


Copic sketch markers with paintbrush nib

Week 43: Bird

One of my favourite Leonard Cohen songs came to mind with this theme, Bird On A Wire.

Birds On A Wire

Copic markers with paintbrush nib and Artline pens.

How fast has the time gone! We are already into October and nearing the end of this fabulous challenge. My aim by the end of this year was to try and establish an obvious style, but as you can see by this  post  I have used a different style for each theme and do not look like I am getting any closer to my objective. Never mind, illustrating something is better than illustrating nothing. 🙂

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