#illo52weeks – Weeks 33: Toy

Week 33: Toy

I haven’t got access to my digital art software at the moment which is a good thing as it it making me go back tot he basics of sketching and painting. For Week 33’s theme of toy I had an image lingering around in my head. I sketched it out so I wouldn’t forget:

Toy sketch

Then I pondered for the week about how I wanted to colour it in. I loved the sketch and was nervous about ruining it when I added colour. Sketches have a vibrancy and softness about them that can be hard to maintain when you decide to colour it in. It took me a while to decide that I would use Acrylic for this image. I wanted to keep it simple in style and colour. Here it is:

Toy - colour

The image reminded me of characters from my childhood and eventually I figured out who they were. It was Topsy & Tim. If you don’t know who they are check out this link: Topsy & Tim





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