Getting the hang of Art Rage

I have been playing around with the art package Art Rage on my Bamboo tablet for a little while and am slowly getting the hang of it. In the images below I have shown 2 different stages for a character I have been starting to explore.

The Little Limpet - stage 1

This is the half way through stage. I used airbrush for the coloured areas and chalk for the outline. I have not used these 2 mediums before (not digitally anyway).

The Little Limpet - stage 2

I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to make the subject not too life like which is generally the style of my artwork. For the first go I am pretty pleased with it, of course there is always room for improvement. My next challenge is backgrounds!

To see other illustrators work in progress check out Debbie Ohi: ‘I’m Bored’ – illustrations in progress

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