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#illo52weeks – weeks 4 & 5

The weeks are whizzing by already and so are the weekly challenges. My main computer broke down last week and so today you are getting two illustrations instead of one for the Tania McCartney’s Illustration challenge that I am participating in:

Week 4: Selfie

At college, life drawing was one of my main subjects, so I am no stranger to self-portraits and drawing humans in a realistic way. Therefore, I wanted to challenge myself and try and do a self-portrait that was not really realistic. Here is the line drawing in pencil of the 3 me’s:

Week 4: Selfie by Ramona Davey
Week 4: Selfie by Ramona Davey


Week 5: Flower

I couldn’t believe the brilliant timing when my parcel of art goodies arrived in the post the last night of week 5’s challenge. I haven’t printed using polystyrene tiles since I taught in Primary schools 10 years ago. This was my 2nd attempt using acrylic paints:

Week 5: Flower print by Ramona Davey
Week 5: Flower print by Ramona Davey

Every week I think I am going to come up with nothing and every week I surprise myself. I may not have established a style yet (my goal) but I am certainly enjoying the developing my creative skills.

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  • Colleen Maranda

    Ramona, your flower is interesting, unique and rather mysterious. Your self-portrait – rather restrained body language for someone so adventurous with language and ideas! I admire your commitment.

    • admin

      Hi Colleen,

      Thank you for your observations. My style is all over the place at the moment. My goal by the end of his challenge is to try and establish a strong style but it might take a while as I explore different techniques. 🙂

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