The weeks feel like they are whizzing by already being involved in all these new writing and illustrations chalenges!

One of my weaknesses where my drawing is concerned is that I feel I have an inconsistent style and just to prove it, here is this weeks contribution to Tania McCartneys Illustration challenge (in a completely different style to week 1 and week 2)

#illo52weeks - week 3 - caravan


My aim was to try and create an image that would quite easily be seen in a childrens’ picture book. I ruled out the ‘bleed’ area and the middle of paper where the fold of the double page spread would be. In the end I hadn’t left enough space between the caravan and the car. Therefore I would loose part of both in the fold of the book. Lesson learned!

  • I hand sketched the inital drawing
  • then used Art Rage on my Bamboo tablet to outline the image in ink pen
  • I coloured it in using brush and watercolour
  • stencils were used for the road, door panels and grass tendrills

Hopefully by week 52,  I will have developed a very definate style!

52 week illustration challenge


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