ReviMo – Day 2

Yes, I know I am writing two posts on the same day but international times always confuse me as does daylight savings. This causes huge problems when I enter USA writing challenges online.

As a teenager in Jersey, Channel Islands, every year I would go to my Saturday job an hour too early or an hour too late when the clocks went back and forward. It is something I will never beat!

Anyway, today is day 2 for ReviMo and you can read Meg Miller’s latest post with Miranda Paul  here: ReviMo day 2 – Interview with Miranda Paul

Day 2 revisions:

  • I revisited an old picture book manuscript started in November 2011 (yes I know that is over 2 years ago)
  • I went back through it using Review/Track Changes on word
  • I then created an A5 dummy version of it to see how the text flows and how effective the page turns are
  • word count: 427 (much better compared to yesterdays 700)
  • it has a Librarian theme – therefore I have quite a huge target market – town libraries, school libraries, preschool book corners (much different to yesterdays manuscript again)

Now just need to get my critique group to read it as they haven’t seen it for a while and they may be able to see it with fresh eyes too!


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