My new note book!

This year I am going to really go for it and work my hardest to make my dream come true. To achieve this, there were a few things I had to do. The list below includes some of the things I have already put into action:


  • Join SCBWI (Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators)
  • Participate in e-mail critiques as well as face-to-face ones with my critique group (which I recommend to anyone embarking on a similar journey)
  • Buy/borrow ‘Writing Picture Books’ by Ann Whitford Paul (coming in the post any day now)


And I am sure there will be more that I will think of as the year progresses. Goodluck with your writing goals too!

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11 thoughts on “New Year – New Goals

  1. Excellent goals! Glad you’ve joined SCBWI, that’s a very good place to start. All the best for the successful completion of your goals this year!

    (Love the notebook… I got a T-shirt, but might have to get a notebook, too. Hmmm…)

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