#Illo52weeks – week 2 – kids

© Ramona Davey 2014
© Ramona Davey 2014

Here week 2’s illustration – theme KIDS


This week I decided to use a different medium.

  • On my Wacom tablet using Art Rage software I traced over photos on the compuetr screen to create the composition.
  • Once I had moved the kids around into the best position and varied their size, I began sketching with pencil.
  • Then I used some close up photos of the kids clothing for the kids outfits. Erasing any material not needed.

This was a totally new method for me and I was keen to try a collage style of illustration which has been so popular in the recent years (eg: Charlie & Lola).

I am also aware of the growing amount of Author/Illustrators that are now being published (Mo Willems, Gus Gordon, Aaron Blabey) and this spurs me to work hard at seeing if this is something I can pursue. If I get good enough and find my own style, which at the moment is a bit eclectic!


52 week illustration challenge

Tania McCartney’s 52 week illustration challenge has taken off like a storm! The range of skills and numbers of participants of all ages and levels of ability is inspiring.

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