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Reading to an audience

It s the last day of the school term and I had the opportunity this morning to read my book The Jersey 12 Days Of Christmas to my daughter’s class of year 2 children. What great fun!

me reading 1


I had intended to read the words but being in rhyme I found myself singing the whole book. Apparently, I didn’t sound too bad but in my mind I could hear my voice getting more and more high pitched. Behind me is my daughter Ruby, who doubles up as my assistant and editor. As I read the paperback version, she demonstrated how to use the ebook version on an ipad which included tapping the illustrations to hear the sounds.

Here are a few things to consider when reading to an audience:

  • if you are wearing a dress, remember to keep your knees together (see photo below – cringe!)
  • you are not reading to yourself – turn the book around so the audience can see any illustrations
  • project your voice for the children that always navigate towards the back so they can hear too
  • have eye contact with your listeners
  • slow down – I tend to rush when I am nervous.
we leant on each other for support
We leant on each other for support.

Today’s class visit was my second. The first time I was invited to read a new manuscript about a Little  Blue Fairy Penguin to a class of year 1’s. This was great too, as I could watch the children’s reaction and take note of moments when their eyes glazed over with boredom or when they giggled, asked questions or started to fidget. All really useful indicators as to how engaging your story is. Thankfully, they enjoyed the story as did the lovely teacher.

This was a fab way to end the year – and what a year it has been – I have:

I look forward to next year – Merry Christmas to you and thanks for stopping by!


PS: Thank you to Melissa from Miss Sew & So for taking the photos.



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