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I woke up early the other day (before the kids, etc.) and saw a post on Facebook about a contest/competition/challenge (whatever you want to call it) happening on Twitter. The challenge was to pitch your picture book or middle grade novel using only the 180 character spaces allowed within a tweet.


Not only was this a great opportunity to pitch to an agent but it was also very good practice in summarising the concept of your picture book. It is quite a challenge and can take a few tries. Even if you don’t enter a challenge like this, it is still worth using Twitter to practice a one sentence pitch keeping within the 180 character spaces limit. Just don’t press the tweet button as you are only practising.


The hashtag was #pitchsqueak if you want to go to Twitter and read some of the pitches that were sent. There are some great ideas out there.

Here is one of mine:

my tweet pitch
my Twitter pitch


Just be aware of two things as it can work two ways:

  • your pitch might sound more exciting than the actual story turns out to be
  • your pitch might not be as great as the actual manuscript is.

It may turn out that I am guilty of both – we shall see…

If you entered the challenge and were invited to send a query and a full manuscript to the agent, then well done and goodluck!

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