Chapter Book Challenge 2013

Finally, here is my first post for 2013 and it starts with a new challenge. You can read about it here: Chapter Book Challenge 2013. Have you entered? Here is what it is about:

‘The Chapter Book Challenge is an informal challenge, and it is self-directed. At the end of the challenge, you let me know if you have completed the challenge, and I trust that you will be honest. The challenge itself is to write the first draft of an early reader, HiLo book, chapter book, middle grade book or even a YA book, and to write the book from start to finish, during the month of March, from March 1st through March 31st.’

(Quote from Rebecca at  Chapter Book Challenge Blog)


This will indeed be a huge challenge for me as I have not written a complete chapter book before. So in between waiting for feedback from manuscripts I have already sent ‘out there’ to editors, publishing houses and magazines, I will be working towards these other writing challenges.  Including:

I will also be working on all my manuscripts that are works  in progress. Rewriting, revising, polishing, editing, etc. On top of that I will be keeping a close eye on other deadlines and opening dates, such as:

  • New Frontier Publishing – who are looking for submissions to their Little Rocket Series (I don’t have one ready for this, but you might have)
  • Penguin – they have an incredibly useful calendar of the types of submission they are looking for each month

Fingers crossed I am getting closer to having a manuscript accepted in 2013 and goodluck to whatever project you are working on too! 😉


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