Adding sound effects to ebook

Front cover of my ebook

While I am waiting for the proof of my self-published paperback version of ‘The Jersey 12 Days Of Christmas,‘ I am using the time to add sound effects to my ebook. I have mentioned before in a previous post “A Puffin In A Pear Tree‘ that I have been using Book Creator on ipad to make the book. To add the sounds a friend recommended Soundrangers as a good place to purchase sound effects from.

It is another huge learning curve for me but I am enjoying it. Book Creator also gives you the option to record sounds straight into your ebook. This is great if you want to add a voice over so children can have the option of listening to the story.

To add another dimension to my ebook I have been able to add sounds that will work the moment a child taps on each illustration. So the ebook will develop the following skills:

  • reading
  • counting
  • listening
  • and best of all singing along to themselves or with family and friends!

Hopefully, (with fingers crossed) I will be able to launch the paperback book and the ebook at the same time!

PS: I am not on any commission for any websites I recommend, I am just sharing the information with you about the resources I use.

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