Backgrounds for me are a tricky thing – I never know whether to leave it blank, add a bit of colour or add detail. IWhen adding colour I need to consider consistency of colour. Am I keeping the same tone with each illustration. Does it look right if some background colours are bold and others are softer?

Here are two examples;

Pumpkins 1


I initially used a green background as pumpkins grow in Autumn where I am from. But then I got thinking about the colour wheel and how opposite colours make each other stand out more.

Pumpkins 2


Plus, we associate pumpkins with Halloween, so I decided to make it night and add a yellow glow inside them. The only trouble is, all the other illustrations I have used for this counting picture book have soft pastel shades in the backgrounds.


I wonder, does it matter if one picture stands out from the rest? What do you think?





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