Passing on your love of books to the next generation


One of the biggest drives behind authors wanting to write books is to keep the love of reading going. As a parent I want to do this regardless of the medium. In the Telegraph this week one of the headlines says:

Gerald Durrell stories reissued for ebook generation

I loved Gerald Durrells My Family and Other Animals book. It was on the curriculum at secondary school. The teacher had no difficulty in getting us to read it because it was such a great book. His humour and observation were brilliant (and I wish I could write like that).

I will definately be encouraging my children to read it when they are old enough in paper or digital form.

I was born on the island of Jersey and have been to Geralds Durrells zoo many times throughout my life and highly recommend it should you ever find yourself in that part of the world.

What books did you love as a young person and will definately want your children to read?

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4 thoughts on “Passing on your love of books to the next generation

  1. I think I read every Nancy Drew in the library. Of course, now that I look back, it wasn’t very inspired reading… Still, my mother used to tell me to ‘Stop reading and do your homework!’ Thanks for sharing your pick. I’ll have to check out Gerald Durrell.

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