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Yesterday I received a rejection note in the post along with the manuscript for a children’s picture book that I had sent over a month ago.

A reply in just over a month is pretty good going compared to some publishing houses. It is also very interesting to reread a manusript that you have not seen for a while, as you can see it again with fresh eyes. Maybe you can see why it was rejected in the first place or you may decide that it was just not what that particular publishing house was looking for in this moment in time.

I find space from a manuscript can be a good thing. I am then excited to look at it again and edit it with a keener more experienced eye. I am no proffessional, but I am learning all the time. And with each manuscript I can feel that I am getting better and better. I may sound over positive or sure but if I am not determined to succeed or believe in myself then all this work is a waste of time. I am not a time waster and enjoy stretching my brain, challenging myself and being creative!

So fingers crossed for the other 5 manuscripts I have out there in the book world!

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