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I made a decision at the beginning of the year to focus more on my illustration than my writing this year. It suddenly made sense that this is what I should be doing because it was art that was my first love when I was young. I am rekindling that passion. So far it has been a great journey with lots of hard work but satisfying results. I’m not an expert yet but I am better than I was at the start of the year and that is what practice is all about.

I was a roving reporter for this year’s Biannual SCBWI Conference and I had the opportunity to browse all the amazing portfolios submitted for editors and agents. You can read about it here: Roving Reporter and here: Illustrator Showcase 2019

I took away some really useful tips and information about what makes a great portfolio and have been working hard to create my own in time for this year’s CYA Conference.

I have also participated in the following to help me improve my skills:

Now I am ready for the school holidays which start in a week. I will give myself a break before looking for a new project to participate in – I work well to deadlines. They motivate me and keep me practising my skills.

I showed a mini book I created for the Curtis Brown Course on a previous post : New Year – New Projects

Here is some of the work I have created towards building a dummy picture book. During this project I had to consider the fold of the book also known as the gutter, flow of writing from left to right and where the text would fit within the illustrations amongst many other things to consider.


Rough double page spread in pencil


Double page spread in colour using Procreate on Ipad Pro


It’s not perfect and my 13 year old daughter was quite happy to highlight the inconsistences in my illustrations. I’ll take any feedback I can get no matter how brutal 🙂 Feedback will help me get to be the best illustrator I can be. A picture book dummy is a great way to learn how to create a children’s book. Next I will work on the front cover as I noticed there were mock front covers in some of the illustrator portfolios at SCBWI so this is another skill I want to learn.

You can see more of my work on my instagram page: RamonaofJersey

Well that’s it for now – I have to go and prepare my art lessons for the rest of this week!

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