SCBWI Australia East & New Zealand Christmas Party

As a home mum, I have no end of year work social doo to attend, no staff meetings to chat with colleagues and no lunches to natter over. To top that, writing and illustrating is a solitary hobby/ career. This is why being part of an organisation like the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is essential for your well being. The best thing about SCBWI is that it has regional chapters all over the world. I belong to SCBWI Australia East & NZ and am proudly the ‘new member coordinator.’

So yesterday, I met up with recent newly joined members for a ‘Meet & Greet’ session. This is a great way to network, get to know like minded people and catch up on industry news. I love talking and meeting new people, therefore this is the best role for me. By the end of the session the new members no longer felt shy to attend the Xmas party that was starting up straight after, because they now had a group of familiar faces to enjoy the food and fun with. Here we are:


So here are a list of reasons why you should join your local SCBWI:

What more could you want. Have a great week and I hope to see you at the next event. 🙂

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