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August’s – 52 Week Illustration Challenge

It’s pouring down today and so it is perfect weather to sit down, write blog posts and listen to my favouirte podcasts.

I am currently watching and listening to:

  • Children’s author Jen Storer’s Girl & Duck video’s everday Friday
  • The Yarn which takes you behind the scenes of children’s literature
  • All The Wonders where readers can discover new books

I have to confess that I found this months themes a bit too abstract and therefore struggled until the last minute to come up with somthing for most of them.

Week 31: Realism

Digital using Tayasui App

Week 31 - Realism

Week 32: Hairy

I did enjoy sketching out these yeti characters in pencil before colouring them in on my ipad in the digital art .

© Ramona Davey 2016
© Ramona Davey 2016


Week 33: Father

I used gelli printing for their bodies and posca pens for the detail.

© Ramona Davey 2016
© Ramona Davey 2016

Week 34: Intricate

Week 34- Intricate

Week 35: Grandfather

Collage, gellie printing and pen

© Ramona Davey 2016
© Ramona Davey 2016

This weekend is the start of the #SCBWI Conference 2016 held in Sydney. It is a big event for children writers and illustrators and I am really looking forward to it. As New Member Co-ordinator I wil be on the look out for any newbies that look a bit lost and hope to make them feel comfortable at their first writers conference. Look out for me if that is you!

I have a couple of editor consultations to go to and hear feedback on my manuscripts from two experts in the industry. Fingers and toes are crossed that at least one of them likes my writing. I will be also be a Roving Reporter at a couple of the workshops or speaker sessions. But don’t worry, if you couldn’t attend there will be plenty of us blogging about the event.

Have a great weekend!


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