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What does your main character look like?

A thought suddenly occured to me this morning as I arrived home after dropping my kids off to school. They were dressed up as Goldilocks and William The Conqueror for their Book Character Parade.  It is Book Week, which by the sounds of the many excited children in the playground, tells you that this is a hugely popular week within the school year.

The thought was this:

If my middle grade novel ever got published, and a child wanted to dress up as my main character, Sirona, a 12 year old girl from Gaul in the 1st Century AD, what would she wear?

I already had some idea and little hints are written in the text but the question made me think about it properly.

Could the child make-do and find the whole outfit within her household? Maybe she would need to buy at least one accessory.

In this photo below is my son dressed up as William The Conqueror. Most of his outfit has been found in our wardrobes. The crown is made out of card. All I had to buy was the sword. (Yes, I am hoping I don’t get a phonecall from his school saying there’s been an accident. :-))

Joseph as William The Conqueror


So how does Sirona look? She is a 12 year old girl from from ancient Gaul in the 1st Century AD. I had to do some research as to what type of garments were worn in that time period.

 Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 2.15.04 pm

I looked online. Pinterest was a great help.

I read non-fiction and fiction books, inlcuding Asterix.

Here is my research board for this novel:

The Hidden Hoard – writing research


So the questions are:

How does Sirona where her hair?

Does she wear a long  dress or tunic and breeches?

What colour is her dress or tunic?

What colour are her breeches?

Are her tunic and breeches checked as was the fashion and method was used to create fabric for clothing?

Does she wear sandals or boots?

What accessories does she have on her person?


Even though I thought I knew all of this, considering Sirona’s outfit as something children might want to wear, made it real. It made me think about it in a practical way. Which was great.

So I ask you, if a child wanted to dress up as your main character that you are writing about, what would they wear?



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