March’s illustrations – 52 week challenge

March is over, Autumn has arrived and the school hols will soon be upon us. So today I am going to work like a trouper, writing blog posts, critiquing manuscripts and editing my own.

Week 9: Watercolour (and coloured pencils)

This isn’t a medium I am comfortable with. I don’t feel I can control it. But I did enjoy creating this illustrating after doing some research on Pinterest for watercolour picture book illustrations. Sometimes painting in a similar style to an established illustrator can help you learn a new process.

© Ramona Davey 2016
© Ramona Davey 2016


Week 10: Animal

Coloured pencils

A ‘Jersey crapaud’ – the nickname in Jersey french for toad, used for locals from Jersey, Channel Islands, like myself.

Week 10- Animal


Week 11: Mother

Watercolour & fineliner

As you can see I had toads on my mind. I wanted to practice more animals. Simplify them so that I didn’t fear drawing them. I also continued using watercolour. It is good to get out of your comfort zone and use other mediums.

Week 11- Mother


Week 12: Non-dominant hand

Copic markers

Using your non-dominant hand certainly puts you out of your comfort zone. This is good if you have a slightly controlling personality. 🙂 I couldn’t lose complete control so I used Copic markers as I am very comfortable with them. These are two characters I have in mind for one of my manuscripts!


Week 12- Non-dominant hand

Week 13:  Movement

Collage & copic markers

Abstract themes are difficult for me. I am more of a concrete thinker. My inspiration came from my daughter’s dance classes.

© Ramona Davey 2016
© Ramona Davey 2016


So, it seems March was a month of being out of my comfort zone as far as illustration is concerned. But it was fun! 🙂

Now I need to focus on entering the CYA Competition.

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