#illo 52 weeks – January’s illustrations

Wow. Another year over. Another year has begun. Each time I think I am going to give up, (and sometimes I do feel this way) I remind myself of how pleased I am when I look back over the year and see all the illustrations I managed to complete each week regardless of time limits, family commitments, etc. It is a very satisfying feeling.

This months illustrations were quick due to having family staying for the month.

Week 1: Fancy dress

Week 1- Fancy dress demo


Week 2: Outdoors

I had a weekend away with the other half in Melbourne. While he was at a business meeting, I managed to complete this illustration with a handfull of textas I had in my handbag.

Week 2- Outdoors


Week 3: Theme Park

This theme overwhelmed me so I stuck to as simple a concept as I could.

Week 3- Theme park


Week 4: Swimming

I sketched this illustration while my son was at his swimming lessons. One of the only kids without a swimming cap (as he likes the feel of the water through his hair). 🙂


FullSizeRender (5)


See you next month (I hope!)

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