The Jersey 12 Days of Christmas giveaway



Dear readers,

Christmas is almost upon us and therefore it is that time of year when I can promote my little children’s picture book called The Jersey 12 Days of Christmas.

I am giving away a free copy to Jersey residents only. All you have to do is comment below and wish me Happy Christmas in Jersey French or Jerriais! 🙂

Colouring in is very fashionable at the moment and very meditative, so why not escape the mad Christmas shopping season with a bit of theraputic colouring in. Go to this post for all the printables and a clue to the giveaway answer:

Should you already have the paperback book, there is an ebook version with sounds for ipads here:

Should you want to buy a copy you can go to the Jersey gift shop website:



Adding sound effects to ebook

Front cover of my ebook

While I am waiting for the proof of my self-published paperback version of ‘The Jersey 12 Days Of Christmas,‘ I am using the time to add sound effects to my ebook. I have mentioned before in a previous post “A Puffin In A Pear Tree‘ that I have been using Book Creator on ipad to make the book. To add the sounds a friend recommended Soundrangers as a good place to purchase sound effects from.

It is another huge learning curve for me but I am enjoying it. Book Creator also gives you the option to record sounds straight into your ebook. This is great if you want to add a voice over so children can have the option of listening to the story.

To add another dimension to my ebook I have been able to add sounds that will work the moment a child taps on each illustration. So the ebook will develop the following skills:

  • reading
  • counting
  • listening
  • and best of all singing along to themselves or with family and friends!

Hopefully, (with fingers crossed) I will be able to launch the paperback book and the ebook at the same time!

PS: I am not on any commission for any websites I recommend, I am just sharing the information with you about the resources I use.

Self published Christmas book!

© Ramona Davey 2012

A bit of holly is added for the decorative touch!


In the very near future I will (fingers crossed) be announcing the end of some very hard work and the beginning of my first self-published children’s picture book. Although I am aware that this is not the end of the hard work, as marketing your book can be tough.

The book is aimed at anyone with connections to Jersey, Channel Islands, the book contains illustrations to go with a very classic Christmas rhyme. It can also be used as an early reader and counting book.

How good is that, reading, counting and singing all in one book!

The self-published route is a huge learning curve. Here are just a few of the things you have to consider and decide upon:

  • Title
  • Page size
  • page count
  • paper weight
  • gloss or matt
  • hardback or softback/paperback
  • binding
  • delivery

And not every publisher/printer uses the same terminology. Although I have been quite a bag of nerves over making all these decisions it has also been quite empowering.

I have already shown some examples of the artwork in previous posts:


A puffin in a pear tree

And here are some works in progress:

One of my ‘9 pots of bean crock!’

I love line drawings and use the ink pen for all the outlines.

6 seagulls soaring!

This is a screenshot of my work on ART RAGE digital art software using a wacom tablet. Another new skill this year. I will hopefully also be putting the finishing touches to the e-book version.

So watch this space and soon I will be able to share with you the finished product.


PS: And if you know anyone with Jersey connections (as in old Jersey), I would be grateful if you could pass on this news. 🙂

PPS: And maybe I will have to change the title of this blog.

A puffin in a pear tree

© Ramona Davey 2012

This illustration is for a children’s e-book I am in the process of making. The topic of the book is for a niche market and therefore I know no publisher will be interested in it.


I am interested in all forms of book publishing and therefore want to explore all avenues. At the moment I am dabbling with ‘book creator‘  for ipad.

Passing on your love of books to the next generation


One of the biggest drives behind authors wanting to write books is to keep the love of reading going. As a parent I want to do this regardless of the medium. In the Telegraph this week one of the headlines says:

Gerald Durrell stories reissued for ebook generation

I loved Gerald Durrells My Family and Other Animals book. It was on the curriculum at secondary school. The teacher had no difficulty in getting us to read it because it was such a great book. His humour and observation were brilliant (and I wish I could write like that).

I will definately be encouraging my children to read it when they are old enough in paper or digital form.

I was born on the island of Jersey and have been to Geralds Durrells zoo many times throughout my life and highly recommend it should you ever find yourself in that part of the world.

What books did you love as a young person and will definately want your children to read?