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    Practising penguins

    The name Pepik came from the label of a red wine. Pepik means Joseph (in Czechoslavakia). My son is called Joseph, so the name means something to me. I am trying to simplify my illustrations. I am also trying to demonstrate more character which I find very hard to do. It still needs a little work, but I am pleased with it so far.

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    The Art Of Creating Character

    On the fourth and final day of this years SCBWI Australia & NZ Conference programme I attended as illustrator masterclass with the lovely Nina Rycroft. I don’t have many notes for this class, the reason being that it was very hands-on, which is exactly what you want when it is a practical class. She demonstrated the following: IMAGE how she presents her work (sample pieces) to publishers what a ‘tear sheet’ is (something I had never heard of) how she draws the first thumbnails for the whole story concept the various stages she goes through to get to the final piece if your animal characters move from left to right…

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    Quick sketch – in the rain

    In order to become an illustrator for children’s picture book you must practice the skill of drawing as much as you can. This is the only way you can become better at the skill. I’m a mood sketcher, painter, drawer. I do it whenever the mood grabs me. This can be often or seldom at all. In between those times I practise my writing. This system works for me. The sketch above is my attempt to try and develop my skill at drawing characters. Although the girl is a little elongated in places there are parts of it I like (the jacket with buttons) and parts I can see are…

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    Guest post on Alison K Hertz’ blog

    This week I appear as a guest on the blog of Alison K Hertz. A fellow writer and illustrator.  I met Alison virtually on the 12 x 12 in 2012 Picture Book Writing Challenge organised by Julie Foster Hedlund. This challenge has become a huge community of aspiring and successful children’s writers/authors who are all giving each other support and great tips along the way. On Alison’s blog I talk about my journey as a writer and my hopes and dreams of one day being published. The post also focuses on my artwork and the processes I go through to achieve my images. I felt quite privileged to be a…

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    One Word Day: ‘Fly’

    Today on Facebook a post has appeared highlighting One Word Day in Melbourne. This is a special event organised to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. It is supported by local illustrators of Australian Society of Authors who were given their choice of art supplies to create one or more pictures interpreting the word ‘fly’. I decided to do my own illustration. I was thinking of a character I am currently writing about in one of my picture book manuscripts. It highlights his dilemna! I’ll say no more for now…