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    It has been a while since I have participated in a drawing challenge. 52 Week Drawing Challenge founded by Tania McCartney ended and I got a part-time job as an art teacher in a local primary school. My time has become limited for my own creativity but I felt a longing to get back into it. Inktober was perfect! I’m not going to beat myself up about the fact I didn’t complete the challenge because that is pointless and on the plus side I did more drawings than I would have done not even attempting the challenge. So here are the first 10 days:  

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    So much has gone on in the past month I do not know how I managed to fit it all in on top of a brand new job. So this post will be a bit of a photo fest to try and include everything. First their was KIDLITVIC2017. If you haven’t attended this yearly festival yet than it is a ‘must’ for next year. I flew down to Melbourne excited to mingle with authors, illustrators, editors and agents. The best thing about writers festivals and conferences is meeting up with like-minded people who become your friends for life. Then I went and unexpectedly got myself a job as a part-time…

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    December – 52 Week Illustrations

    I feel this year my motto might very well be: ‘Better Late Than Never.’ I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I have always been a punctual person, like half an hour early kind of punctual, but this year I have already missed the dates for 3/4 of the themes for this January’s 52 Week Illustration Challenge. Should I give up? I ask myself this every year. See last years blog post: #illo52weeks – January’s Ilustrations And each December I am always super glad I didn’t give up as I find myself looking over 52 different styles of illustrations, some rubbish, some good and some I am really…

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    SCBWI Australia East & New Zealand Christmas Party

    As a home mum, I have no end of year work social doo to attend, no staff meetings to chat with colleagues and no lunches to natter over. To top that, writing and illustrating is a solitary hobby/ career. This is why being part of an organisation like the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is essential for your well being. The best thing about SCBWI is that it has regional chapters all over the world. I belong to SCBWI Australia East & NZ and am proudly the ‘new member coordinator.’ So yesterday, I met up with recent newly joined members for a ‘Meet & Greet’ session. This is…

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    What does your main character look like?

    A thought suddenly occured to me this morning as I arrived home after dropping my kids off to school. They were dressed up as Goldilocks and William The Conqueror for their Book Character Parade.  It is Book Week, which by the sounds of the many excited children in the playground, tells you that this is a hugely popular week within the school year. The thought was this: If my middle grade novel ever got published, and a child wanted to dress up as my main character, Sirona, a 12 year old girl from Gaul in the 1st Century AD, what would she wear? I already had some idea and little hints…

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    #illo52weeks – December’s illustrations

    Well, I can’t believe another year is done and I managed to complete 52 more illustrations for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge founded by Tania McCartney. Week 48: Warm   Week 49: History   Week 50: Party   Week 51: Family   Week 52: World   This year I have particularly enjoyed line drawing. Has a definite style emerged yet? I’m not sure, but others say they can recognise my work. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this ever growing community and have been determined each week to complete an illustration no matter how busy or chaotic life may be at the time. I have set myself an achievable goal.…

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    #illo52weeks September’s Illlustrations

    Another busy month has passed and five more illustrations have been completed on time (just)! Week 35: Botany pencil & copic markers   Week 36: Dance Acrylic Week 37: Geometric Digital Week 38: Fauna Acrylic & permanent marker Week 39: Melbourne Collage, copic markers & Artline pen. As you can see by the last illustration that the warm weather has arrived reaching 33 degrees! You will never hear me complain of the warm weather, I love it as does my little blue penguin. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, see you next month…

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    CYA Conference 2015

    Last year for the first time ever I attended the CYA Conference in Brisbane. I  had been shortlisted in the pre-school category and so was keen to go. Much to my utter amazement and delight I came 1st. You can read more about it here: CYA Conference 2014 I attended again this year because it was the tenth year anniversary and I had enjoyed it so much last year. Much to my surprise I was shortlisted again. Twice. In utter disbelief I came 1st in the junior fiction category and 3rd in the middle grade category. I have mentioned many times the importance in entering competitions because without polishing my…

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    #illo52weeks – June’s Illustrations

    June is a busy month for me – lots of writing deadlines for a variety of competitions, submissions to prepare for editors at the CYA Conference this coming weekend (so excited and nervous) and the weekly illustration challenge to participate in. Week 22: Childhood As a child, my siblings and I had two rather amorous rabbits, Princess Leah and Luke Skywalker. Copic markers & artline pen.   Week 23: Rain Coincidently there was a lot of rain during the week of this challenge. I think that helped. Collage, watercolour.   Week 24: Calendar This theme had me stumped for most of the week. Then I decided to give digital illustration…

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    #illo52 weeks – April’s Illustrations

    Due to all the writing commitments I have given myself I have decided to post my illustrations for Tania McCartney’s 52 Week Illustraion Challenge as a job lot each month rather than each week. So here are my illustrations for April: Week 13: Transport Pencil sketch & Copic markers I had Easter on my mind. Week 14: Whimsy Biro on a serviette in a cafe 🙂 Week 15: Vietnam Pencil sketch, Copic markers, paper, tissue paper I like looking at this one. Although my figure is a bit stiff I am pleased with the overall effect. I am enjoying working in collage. Week 16: Structure Gelli printing, collage Don’t ask…