#illo52weeks – Week 11 & 12

Week 11: Green

Gelli printing / collage

Week 11: Green

© Ramona Davey 2015

Week 12: Costume

Artline pen / collage

© Ramona Davey

© Ramona Davey

We break up for the Easter holidays today. I am sure Easter was on my mind when I completed Week 12’s Costume illustration. I was thrilled to see it included in Nicky’s picks here: 52 Week Illustration Challenge

As the last week of March it has been busy due to the closing dates for the following competitions:

SCBWI Work In Progress Grant

Rate Your Story Writing Contest

Caterpillar Poetry Prize

I can relax for a few days before I prepare manuscriipts for the next competitions:

CYA Conference Aspiring (Unpublished) Competition ~ 2015

Creative Kids Tales – 2015 Bone, Box or Sea Shell competition

Fingers crossed! :-)

World Poetry Day

I follow the blog ALPHABET SOUP and today they announced the following:

‘In 1999, the United Nations declared March 21st as World Poetry Day. That’s today!’

As an aspiring writer some of my manuscripts are in prose but some seem to fall into place in rhyme.

Last year one of my rhyming manuscripts came first in the preschool category for the CYA Competition. In a world where rhyming manuscripts can be seen as not too commercially appealing by publishers (due to problems translating the text to other languages which may not work out as well), the win was a great feeling. It meant that my ability to rhyme wasn’t too bad.

You can read about the win here: CYA Conference 2014

Here is a poem I wrote about my birth place.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 8.46.59 am

Happy World Poetry Day!

#illo52weeks – Week 10: Night

We are often encouraged to create art in the style of a particular artist. I did this at college. I know that children do this in school with artists such as Van Gogh, Matisse or Miro. It is a good way to learn.

I love Chris Haughton’s illustration for Shh! We have A Plan. I tried to create an illustration in the style of his work but I do not have access to digital art software at the moment. So I tried to get hold of coloured acetate sheets. No luck. The nearest I got was celophane paper.

photo 2It kind of worked but reflected the light too much and ruined the look.

photo 1So I played around with the edit options.

photo 3I created another scene and played around with the edit options again.

Week 10: Night

Week 10: Night

I didn’t quite create what I had in mind but I do like the overlapping effect of see-through materials. I will try again some other time.

This week’s theme is GREEN. I wonder what I will come up with?


#illo52weeks Week 9: Texture

As usual I mulled over this week’s theme of ‘Texture’ until I came up with an idea of what image I wanted to do and what medium I felt would work the best.

I was going to do a Kookaburra and engrave it out of a rubber tile. But that didn’t work so I came up with plan B.

Drawing into polystyrene tiles is so satisfying and lots of fun.  It also comes naturally with a texture of it’s own. I decided to do an old hut as I thought about bricks, corrugated roofs, etc.

These are the things I used:

A roller, a polystyrene tile and a pencil

A roller, a polystyrene tile and a pencil

I drew my image onto the tile using anything that has a point on it. Pencils will do, or kebab sticks, etc.

To make the square shapes I pressed a piece of Lego into the tile.

I cut out the background with a craft knife. Be careful not to snap delicate bits off, as you can see the chimney is missing.

Then roll your paint over the tile – remember that you will turn the tile over and therefore get the mirror image of what you have drawn. I used Acrylic paint.

Black paint on white paper

Black paint on white paper

White paint on parcel paper

White paint on parcel paper

I prefer the white on brown – it feels more rural – but it is always interesting trying out different colours. You can keep cutting out different parts and rolling another colour over the tile to add colour to your artwork.

Next weeks theme is: NIGHT

#ill52weeks – Week 5: Kitchen

I thought I wasn’t goiong to come up with an idea in time before the day ended. I had a need to do collage and so I thought I would give that a go in a rather tentative fashion.

© Ramona Davey

© Ramona Davey

I finished just in time to do school pick up. And I feel quite pleased with the end result.

It is always such a relief to complete each weeks challenge and I am determined no to miss a week. This keeps me developing my skills and is good practice at meeting deadlines.

Tomorrow the theme is ‘Magic.’ :-)

#illo52weeks – Week 3: Retro

Retro could mean so many things. Definition of retro :



1. Retroactive: retro pay.
2. Involving, relating to, or reminiscent of an earlier time; retrospective: “As is often the case in retro fashion, historical accuracy is somewhat beside the point” (New York Times).
n. pl. ret·ros

Fashion or style, as in music, reminiscent of an earlier time.
I was stuck for this weeks theme. I attempted sketch after sketch only to rub each one out. Today I just sat myself down and made draw. To help me narrow down what it is I am trying to achieve I have decided to try and create an illustration that would be suitable for a picture book. This has helped me to focus.
© Ramona Davey 2015 - copic markers and pencil crayons

© Ramona Davey 2015 – copic markers and pencil crayons

Next weeks theme starts tomorrow (every wednesday) and it is ‘Bugs.’